New Protein Cocoa Milk CHOCO HIGH from Koukakis Farm

  • CHOCO HIGH Cocoa from Koukakis Farms

Koukakis Farm has created a new product to meet the needs of modern consumers with regard to health, wellness and fortifying muscles in the most enjoyable way possible.

CHOCO HIGH is produced exclusively from fresh Greek milk from Koukakis Farm. Contains a full 30g dose of Protein and is ideal for those watching their diet and those who play sports. A good source of calcium, it contains only 1.5% fat and is made without added sugar.

CHOCO HIGH is enriched with milk proteins consisting of 80% casein and 20% whey proteins. It, thus, provides both slowly and rapidly absorbed protein, providing 60% of the recommended daily intake in one 500ml package.


Enjoy Protein Cocoa Milk CHOCO HIGH. For the first time, DELICIOUS and HIGH!