Superior Taste Awards for Koukakis Farm S.A. products

Koukakis Farm participated with four products in the Superior Taste Awards 2020 competition, held in Brussels in May 2020 by the International Taste Institute.

All four products received excellent distinctions!

Koukakis Farm full fat Greek Yoghurt as well as Koukakis Farm Greek Yoghurt with Peach, Apricot and Grape achieved the highest distinction. They were awarded 3 gold stars, achieving a general score of over 90% (excellent taste)!

Koukakis Farm Greek Yoghurt with 2% fat and Koukakis Farm Greek Yoghurt with Strawberry, Cherry and Pomegranate, were awarded 2 gold stars (overall score from 80% to 90%: remarkable taste).

"Superior Taste Awards" is the only stamp of quality in taste granted by food & drink opinion leaders, who are Michelin starred Chefs. Their jury consists of more than 200 famous Chefs and Sommeliers from 15 European Chefs' associations. During testing, each product is subjected to a blind tasting according to strict rules of organoleptic analysis.

Production of top quality products from excellent quality milk is a non-negotiable element at Koukakis Farm. Taste is a key aspect of quality. As part of our culture for continuous evaluation and improvement of our products, we participated again this year in the international "Superior Taste Awards" competition. Our products received excellent distinctions, confirming that we remain faithful to our vision: "To establish Koukakis Farm as the top producer of pure, high quality dairy products."