Production of delicious, authentic dairy with care and loyalty to tradition!

In the path of milk, the factory is the part where the milk production is processed, following specific techniques, and the company's products are born.

Fresh dairy production is an everyday, non - stop process but above all it constitutes a team process, where all together and everyone from his place work towards common aim of creating top quality products.

At all stages of production, from raw materials, intermediates, up to the final product, quality control department follows the path of the product and conducts a series of sensory, microbiological and physicochemical tests, and strict control of production conditions in order to ensure the safety and quality of products that reach consumer's table.


The milk is transported by special trucks, stainless steel tanks, from farms to the factory where it is examined by the Quality Control Department in terms of quality characteristics to confirm the excellent quality and to enter the production area for processing. The first and most important stage in the production of milk and milk products is pasteurization, a mild heat treatment that ensures milk keeps all its nutrients. 


The pasteurized milk is led to tanks and then into the two bottling lines where it is placed in the bottles (washed with sterile water in a special dish) sealed and labelled. The finished bottled product is stored in the refrigerator, then loaded in specially refrigerated trucks to be transported to the points of sale.


Another category of products is the Fermented products, in which lactose is fermented with the help of special "good" microorganisms into lactic acid, leading to thickening and acquisition of this particular sour taste. Such products are Yoghurt, Kefir and Ariani, products with specific nutritional value that constitute an asset to the proper function of the digestive system.